trick your subconscious mind

The Subconscious Mystery

The subconscious mind can be compared to an ocean. You can continue to study this subject, but you will never be able to cross the ocean in your lifetime. However, the more you learn about it, the better your life will shape up. That’s one thing which is guaranteed! So, how can you trick your subconscious mind to give you the results and the lifestyle that you have always desired? The answer is simple – you practice the powerful mind techniques that help you change your paradigms. Merely practicing the law of attraction, as desired in “The Secret” movie, may not lead you on the path of self-actualization. You have to realize the powers of your subconscious mind as well.


Subconscious Mind Explained

There is no particular definition of the subconscious mind. This term was coined in the 20th century. It is referred to as the mental construct within an individual that controls the major chunk of his/her life. It has no ability to think or make decisions – all that is done by the conscious mind. The subconscious simply acts without thinking. Whatever information the subconscious absorbs, it acts upon it at the earliest available opportunity in the person’s life. Your subconscious can serve, both, as a boon and a bane. It all depends on how you condition your subconscious. It cannot make any distinction of a positive or a negative by itself. So, make sure that you feed it with faith and you feed it with very specific, positive thoughts.

Special Technique to Trick Your Subconscious

First, you must sit down in a place of absolute silence and calm. No environmental and technological distractions. Try your best to tune out off the thoughts that are bombarding your mind at that moment. Get rid of them. Once you have reached a state of minimal thoughts, then get involved in your top 3 dreams that you want to manifest in your life. Get emotionally involved with those dreams. Be calm and relaxed during this process. Do NOT let any sceptical thought enter your subconscious mind (e.g. do NOT think – “but how will I achieve this?”). Allow the conscious to reject such ideas.
Practice this thrice a day. Make a conscious effort. Thereafter, you will be able to practice it in loud environments as well. It takes time. But it is worth it. To read more on the power of your subconscious mind, be sure to have a look at abundance arena. They have covered this topic extensively and are also giving free visualization videos.